DEVIL'S GIFT, THE (DVD) supernatural suspense thiller with possessed monkey toy December 8, 2014 11:00

This is a request we tracked down recently and glad to be able to add it to our Ghost and Occult selection of rare flicks.  I'm pretty happy with how the sleeve worked out as we were able to dig up some very cool source art, but if only Satan would appear in the film as he does on the cover....oh well......

     An old widow tries to contact her departed husband with a Ouija board but fails and mistakenly summons an unwilling demon that comes to inhabit an antique wind-up monkey. The demon within the toy quickly orchestrates the demise of old women and destroys her house.

     Years later, an 8-year old boy receives an antique toy monkey for his birthday. Strange things begin to happen, but are ignored until the boy has a close brush with death. Only then does his father realize the intensity of the evil powers that are lurking around. He must destroy the toy monkey before the powers of evil overtake him and his family.

     This film of supernatural suspense is strikingly similar to Stephen King's short story "The Monkey", and supposedly lead to some legal action because of it. Also features a clever animated opening sequence.

THE DEVIL'S GIFT is available immediately and can be found in the Ghosts and the Occult section of the website

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