Bees, The (1978)

$ 12.99

     Killer bees are carried across U.S. borders in an illegal smuggling scheme designed to turn their deadlines to profit. Soon, the insects escape and nothing can stop them. At the center of their colony, an astounding transformation is taking place - one that will change the environment forever.

     An entomological researcher and his senior associate team up with a women whose survived a bee attack that destroyed her husband's lab. Together they discover the driving force behind the bees' assault and learn what they really want. But who will believe the incredible truth?

     John Saxon and John Carradine star in this grand spectacle, written, produced and directed by Alfredo Zacharias. With its campy premise and goofy soundtrack, it is B-movie fun that provides both intentional and unintentional humour amid the mayhem. 

  • 87 minutes
  • English audio soundtrack
  • DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) playable world wide
Written and Directed by Alredo Zacarias
Starring: John Saxon, Angel Tompkins, John Carradine, Claudio Brook, Alicia Encinas, Julio Cesar, Armand Martin, and Jose Chavez

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