Nothing to blog, but yes, we are still open for business January 13, 2019 15:45

Sorry we have not updated this blog in quite awhile.  Nothing really to talk about these days, but hopefully that will change in the future.

We are still very much open for business, so if you have any questions please hit us up.

WE ARE OPEN May 9, 2017 22:58

Hello folks!

We are all settled into the new location and back online.  The checkout system should be working as expected.

Thank you for your patience!


Hello folks!

We are relocating from California to New York and will be closed until probably mid-May when we are all set up in our new location.

Thank you for your patience and patronage - it is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the new REVOK site! January 1, 2015 11:00


We are so stoked to begin 2015 with our new website. 

This has been a long time in the making and we hope that everyone likes the big change as much as we do.

The biggest change is that each DVD now has it's own page with full details of the product, credits, running time etc. The entire catalog is tagged extensively so you should be able to search for directors, actors, plot keywords, and alternate titles to help find or discover what you are looking for.

There is also a new shopping cart system that is very easy to use and we now take more forms of payment than ever.

We still have a few titles to get up, but we wanted to flick on the switch as soon as we could.  We will be adding the remaining titles as soon as possible.

please let us know what you think




DVD PRICE DROP! ALL REGULAR DVDs NOW $12.99 each December 25, 2014 20:27


We will be permanently dropping the price of our regular DVDs to $12.99 each, effective immediately. You can also still take advantage of our BUY 3 GET 1 FREE offer which brings down the average cost per DVD to $9.75 each.

It gets even better.  For customers ordering within the United States, orders of 8 DVDs will be shipped FREE, come with a FREE REVOK t-shirt as well as a full set of our limited edition trading cards.

We have been in business for over 20 years now and really appreciate all of our loyal customers that have ordered repeatedly throughout the years.  We are so stoked to be able drop the prices on our website permanently. Our hope is this will allow people to take a chance on some crazy rarities that they might not have before and maybe discover one of their future favorite films.


HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM REVOK! December 14, 2014 14:00

People have been giving us amazing positive feedback on our trading card set and we appreciate all the kind words.  They still only available with purchases, but we have been known to include a full set with orders of 8 DVDs or more - as well as a t-shirt.

Hopefully Santa brings everything that you want this year, but if he forgets to give you the crazy flicks you have been craving, you know where to go.

For everyone that reads this update in the United States, for the remaining of December we will offer BUY any quantity, get the same for FREE.  After making your purchase, just email with the names of the equivalent DVDs you would like for free. Again, this offer is unfortunately restricted to the US because of shipping costs, customs and logistics that prevent us from doing the same for everyone else.

Hope you are all well.  We look forward to adding some new flicks in the new year.

Happy Holidays!

DEVIL'S GIFT, THE (DVD) supernatural suspense thiller with possessed monkey toy December 8, 2014 11:00

This is a request we tracked down recently and glad to be able to add it to our Ghost and Occult selection of rare flicks.  I'm pretty happy with how the sleeve worked out as we were able to dig up some very cool source art, but if only Satan would appear in the film as he does on the cover....oh well......

     An old widow tries to contact her departed husband with a Ouija board but fails and mistakenly summons an unwilling demon that comes to inhabit an antique wind-up monkey. The demon within the toy quickly orchestrates the demise of old women and destroys her house.

     Years later, an 8-year old boy receives an antique toy monkey for his birthday. Strange things begin to happen, but are ignored until the boy has a close brush with death. Only then does his father realize the intensity of the evil powers that are lurking around. He must destroy the toy monkey before the powers of evil overtake him and his family.

     This film of supernatural suspense is strikingly similar to Stephen King's short story "The Monkey", and supposedly lead to some legal action because of it. Also features a clever animated opening sequence.

THE DEVIL'S GIFT is available immediately and can be found in the Ghosts and the Occult section of the website

Also remember out the BUY 3 GET 1 FREE offer, which can bring the average price of each DVD down to $9.75 instead of our regular price of $12.99.