Revok Film Prodigies has been in business for over 20 years providing cinephiles with prints of obscure and rare films from around the world.
      We began as a VHS mail order service with classified ads in Fangoria magazine, selling the then unreleased features of Argento, Fulci, Jodoroswky, Woo and more. Since then we have seen most of these films get the restoration, remastering and official releases on DVD or Bluray that they all deserve.
     There are still so many wild, wacky, and wonderful movies that the world needs to see, so we continue to unearth these lost gems for DVD releases to honor them so they will not be forgotten. It has been amazing to have director's and stars contact us through the years to get prints of their own movies because we have been the only source for them.
     As you can see by the sleeve art and design, we always try to find and restore original key art, and complete the package with accurate credits, stills, and full description of the film. They slide into the most discerning collector's library as well have helped fill out many psychotronic sections of rental stores around the world.
     I hope you find what you are looking for while browsing through our catalog of craziness, but more importantly, I hope you discover something interesting that you were not looking for.


Rev. Phil