Raiders of the Doomed Kingdom (1985)

$ 14.99

     After the fall of Saigon and US troops pull out of Vietnam, a small band Thai mercenaries are given a mission by the Americans to rescue a South-Vietnamese general that has been captured by the victorious Vietcong forces.

     Cobra, the mercenary leader, guides his group through the war torn territory as they battle any rogue communists that come in their path. It find out it isn't just the Vietcong they have to worry about though, when they escape from the mainland and land on an island inhabited by lepers.

     This highly entertaining action production was written by low-budget legend Godfrey Ho but has a surprising big budget look with its huge action scenes and cast of thousands. It is a rare film that has seemed to be buried in the west since the story paints the US in a pretty bad light.

  • 91 minutes
  • WIDESCREEN VERSION (non-anamorphic)
  • English audio sound with non-removable Japanese subtitles
  • DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) playable world wide
Also known as: After the Fall of Saigon, Cobraman
Directed by Sumat Saichur
Starring: Sorapong Chatree, Manny Aswatep, Peter Ramwa, Payak Ramnate, Krao Spartacus, and Chaiyan Sorakrai

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