Hunters of the Golden Cobra, The (1982)

$ 14.99

     This great Raiders of the Lost Art style adventure unites two legendary icons of Italian cult cinema, David Warbeck ("The Beyond", "Formula for a Murder") and John Steiner ("Tenebrae", "Caligula"). The two play special elite soldiers that get separated on their mission to eliminate a mad Japanese army commander escaping with a rare treasure near the end of WWII.

     One year later, Steiner returns to the jungle to find Warbeck who was left behind in hopes he can help locate the incredibly valuable Golden Cobra treasure piece. They meet a beautiful young girl and her uncle who want to hire Warbeck to locate the long lost twin sister of the girl.  Since she is believed to be in the same region, they all team up to find the girl and the treasure while facing numerous lethal obstacles along the way.

     The late great prolific action director Antonio Margheriti creates another fast paced jungle adventure filled with crashes, explosions, shootouts, death traps and more, often utilizing the his trademark miniature work.

  • 92 minutes
  • WIDESCREEN VERSION (non-anamorphic)
  • English audio sound with non-removable Japanese subtitles
  • DVD is NTSC format, Region 0 (region free) playable world wide
Also known as: I cacciatori del cobra d'oro
Directed by Antonio Margheriti
Starring: David Warbeck, Almanta Suska, Luciano Pigozzi, Protacio Dee, Rene Abadeza, and John Steiner

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